Reptile Lovers, Owners and Breeders!

Are you a reptile lover, owner, or breeder? Would you like a platform for keeping records of reptiles and showcasing your collections? Well, HerpVille is the application for you!

Store reptile records, post it to Listing*, and connect with other members through chat can all be done in this application.

Herpville home page and reptile listing details

What We Offer

HerpVille is a solution to common problems of reptile owners. From maintaining reptile health records to accessing a large group of potential customers, the benefits of using HerpVille are numerous.

Access to a large number of reptile owners, breeders and potential customers immediately.

Add reptile information in less than 2 minutes in a private collection inbox.

Inquire about a reptile from a breeder or other users using built-in messaging.

Log reptile vitals record to gain trust.

Login via Google, Apple, or Facebook sign in

Android, iOS and Web

HerpVille can be accessed via mobile app (iOS and Android) or website. Users can add, track, and view the life cycle of their pets. They can communicate and promote their reptiles to the HerpVille community.

Unique Identifier or QR Code

HerpVille boasts a unique feature that uses a QR code (machine readable code e.g. use an iPhone camera to scan the code) technology. Each reptile or user will have their own distinctive QR code and it will uniquely identify the reptile or the user. All the detailed information about the reptile or user will be shown once scanned through a QR code reader installed in your device.

Additional Benefits

Data Storage and Privacy

User and reptile information (including photos) are stored in the secured Cloud storage.

Healthy Community

A community that promotes trust, and honesty.

Safe and Secure

All the information about the reptile (and reptile historical records) and user will be stored in the app/website and will be secured by the industry standard security software.

Free and Subscription Based

The app and website will be free and available for subscription depending on the usage of the functionalities.