Monitor and track your animals using Herpville!

Herpville provides tools, tips and techniques to keep your reptile pets and amphibians alive and healthy.

Whether you are a reptile hobbyist, pro breeder or own a reptile business, Herpville significantly improves your reptile husbandry, and supports the entire lifecycle of reptile breeding.

You can connect with reptile enthusiasts all over the world and share photos, exchange animal caring ideas and potential for buying or selling of the animals.

Herpville reptile app home page with community features and reptile listing

Why Herpville

Lizard reptile pet

Add or register your animals’ vitals and images in less than 2 minutes and share real-time with other reptile keepers.

Chat within app

Powerful reptile husbandry and reptiles monitoring features; track, care, cultivate, and keep history of your animal.

app logs

Bulk entry and log variety of activities e.g. reptile feeding, reptile shedding, cleaning, watering with set reminders and alerts features.


Capture the life cycle of reptile breeding from reptile pairing, locking, clutching and reptile hatching eggs with suggested tips and tricks to produce the best breed.


Your data security and data privacy is our number one goal!

Safe and secure

User and reptile information (including photos) are secured in Cloud storage and only you can access them using your user ID and password.

Promote reptile community

We promote and support reptile and amphibian communities, we are member of USARK.

Free to use

The app is free to download and use unless you access a few advanced features.

Unlock paid features

With just $2.49 monthly fee ($29.99 yearly), you can unlock advanced breeding features and many more!