Our Story

Herpville reptile app is designed and developed by a reptile and amphibian breeder who himself is a software developer. His passion for reptiles and owning many ball python, boa, corn snake, bearded dragon, leopard gecko, kingsnake, lizards, tortoise, iguana etc. and caring for reptiles on time was extremely difficult. He had a tough time organizing his reptile business and at the same time met his customers’ (reptile hobbyist) expectations.

Organize your reptile business and explore Globally!

Connect with reptile breeders and reptile hobbyists across all the countries and buy sell reptiles to customers across the globe. Take more control of your reptile business using some of the tools as listed below:

Herpville has an inbuilt messaging tool that helps to buy reptiles; you will have access to reptile breeders and hobbyists across the world!

No more sticky notes; print the barcoded reptile (Reptile scan QR code) labels of your animals from the app and stick into the reptile cage, reptile rack and get ready for reptile expo.

Reptiles registration generates reptile scan QR code of your animals to share your entire collection using a hyperlink.

Robust filter and search features allow you to shortlist the reptiles that you wanted to find by country or by traits of reptiles as an example.

Enjoy the Herpville reptile scan app and below features for FREE, not joking.

FREE features for animal lovers, reptile hobbyist and amphibian keepers

community features which includes herp social and herp media

Advanced features for reptile business owners and breeders

Support, feedback and promote for strong reptile community

Every product matures when users are part of the product journey and provide constructive feedback. We are very committed to building the best reptile app. We are open to receive your feedback and will appreciate it if we hear from you. How is your experience so far? Are you able to efficiently use all the features? Or would you like to see any new features in the future release? Please drop us a line.
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