Our Story

Herpville was created by a reptile breeder who used to face problems with keeping inventories of snakes and keeping track of customers.

Key Features

You can showcase your reptiles to other members with a single click.
You can share your entire collection using a link or QR code for customers to browse your reptiles.

Search and Locate

Search and locate reptile(s) near you and reach out to breeders or other owners immediately. Multiple filter criteria can be inserted to search for the right set of reptiles.

Print and Stick It

Print all the records from your phone, stick it to your reptiles’ cages and head down to the reptile fair. If a probable buyer comes to your desk at the fair, they can scan the QR code from the print copy using their phone.

QR Code

HerpVille boasts a unique feature that uses a QR code technology. Each reptile or user will have their own distinctive QR code and it will uniquely identify the reptile or the user.


This application will use the information you have logged to remind you when it’s close to the next feeding time, specific dates regarding your reptile(s).

HerpVille, where you can keep healthy reptiles

reptile listing with prices