Ball Python Care Tips


What will I need for my Ball Python?

  • 40-gallon (32”-36” long) terrarium or  larger
  • Secured screened lid
  • Daylight bulb  & under-tank heat mat
  • Habitat thermometers (2) & a hygrometer
  • A water dish large enough for the snake to soak in
  • Artificial/natural rock or wood hides (2)
  • Aspen, coconut fiber, or reptile carpet
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Branches for climbing & hiding
  • Food bowl
  • Frozen rodents & feeding tongs 

The Ball Python (Python regius), also called the royal python, is a python species native to West and Central Africa, where it lives in grasslands, shrublands, and open forests.

With proper care it can live up to 30 years and the max length it can have is 6 feet. It’s a non-poisonous snake.

Between 55 and 65 days, after a Ball Python is laid, its eggs hatch and are usually between 10” – 17” in size.

Most ball python breeders do not sell their hatchlings until they have eaten at least four times and shed cleanly twice.

Ball pythons grow at different rates. As long as their bodies are rounded rather than triangular and their spines are not showing, your juvenile ball pythons are fine at any length. A healthy 6-month old ball python may weigh as little as 100 grams or as much as 300 grams.

A male ball python may be ready to breed at 8 months old. Most female balls will not be ready until they are between 2 and 3 years old. Ball pythons should not breed below a certain weight.


Feeding Schedule

Use the Herpville App to set reminders for feeding, watering, breeding, and cleaning.

Juvenile 1 per week 1 mid size Rodent (room temp, not live)
Adult Once in two weeks 1 large Rodent (room temp, not live)

Try to feed during nighttime. Provide fresh and clean water in a bowl all the time.



 Basking SpotAmbientCool SideNight

Use point and shoot thermometer to measure temperature regularly



UV light for a few hours a day improves functioning of the immune system and promotes health and behavior in all reptiles.

Day Time 8-10 Hrs. UV White Light
Night Time 10 – 12 Hrs. Infrared

Regular Time 42 – 60%
Shedding Time 72%


  • Remove the snake and decors
  • Disinfect with 2% bleach sol, wash and dry
  • Use a new substrate 



  • Sheds approx. once a month.
  • A healthy Ball Python can shed skin in one complete piece.
  • The eyes may turn gloomy during shedding.
  • A shallow, open bowl of water, in which snakes can soak plus daily misting with warm water, can aid in shedding.



  • Paper-based bedding, reptile carpet, forest bedding and Aspen wood shavings 
  • Change the substrate every two weeks to prevent it from becoming excessively wet or soiled.


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