New Release on mid-August, 2020

As a valued customer of Herpville, we will continue to bring new features to you that enhance your in-app experience.

Our goal is that these new features make the app easier to use and improve our customer service so that you can focus exclusively on expanding your reptile business. 

LOGIN Using Face Recognition 

Now you don’t have to worry about entering your user ID and Password each time when you log in. Once you register and login the first time, you can go to your personal profile ‘Security & Settings’ and turn on (slide the bar to the right side) the ‘Touch ID’ / ‘Face ID’ feature. 

So next time, when you open the app, it will recognize your face and auto-login to the app. For more detail, go to the ‘How To’ page and locate the instructions under the ‘How to Update my Profile’ section.

Additionally, this exciting update includes several backend changes made to improve the performance of our app. For example, you can now add/register and save a reptile record more quickly than before.

We have also introduced the Herpville email service. We understand the need for frequent communication with you to get your feedback on better improving our platform and services. In the coming weeks, you will hear more exciting news from us about promotion, top-selling reptiles, new features, community news, and much more in your registered email inbox.


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