global release for the Herpville App

New Release on Aug, 2021

Herpville is very excited and proud to release the international version of the app.

Our goal is to add new features and functionalities in the current app based on the consistent feedback that we receive from breeder, keepers and reptile communities. At the same time, we consistently improve the security and remediate the vulnerability in the platform to protect your data and personal information which is #1 of our priorities

You will get maximum performance, efficiency and security if you use this app in Android 10 or higher or iOS 11 or higher mobile devices.

Here are some of key exciting features: 



We are “international”!!! 

Believe it or not, the app is now global and it can be accessed, downloaded and used from almost 130+ countries in English as a supporting language.
What does it mean to you? Now you can connect (using in-build chat/message feature) with a breeder sitting anywhere in the world and get to know more about their reptile collection.
Soon we will support many non-English languages that may help other non-English speaking Herpville users.


You can list/publish your reptile to international reptile groups and search an animal with a powerful filter criteria and by setting the boundary to Local or Global.

setup local or global boundary for reptile listings


Now you can sign on using your Google, Apple and Facebook account.

Whether you are an existing user or new, you can use your Google, Apple ID or Facebook account to sign in with one click.  This feature enables you to sign up instantly and lets you use the app FREE and you can update your user profile later.

For existing users, if your current Herpville account is the same as your Google/Apple/FB account, it will connect both accounts, otherwise your new account will be treated as a separate account.


Herpville login with Google, Apple, or Facebook sign in feature


The user dashboard is organized according to keepers and breeders’ day to day functions and their usage.

Keeper and breeder related activity icons and those record and reminder setting functions are clearly distinguished in the dashboard. We added a new ‘Community’ tab that allows you to maximize your networking with other breeders and keepers and allow you to save their contact info in one location. You can save some of your favorite animals under this tab based on your interest.

A new “Business” tab is added that allows you to keep track of your animals that are posted, sold or if others are interested in purchase. The “Business” tab can be enabled only with a subscription which is only $US2.49 monthly.

We have removed the record “transfer” feature temporarily but soon we will bring it back fully integrated with “hold” and “sold” features.

Herpville app homepage july 2021

Herpville app lower homepage july 2021


“Hold” and “Sold” are two powerful features demanded by breeders

 As breeders wanted to keep track of their animals but at the same time they wanted to listen to their potential customers who are interested in the animals. The hold feature gives breeders a better ability to hold a reptile if the customer is interested and requests to hold the animal. Once the reptile is sold the breeder can mark it “sold”, keep track of all the sold animals and reconcile with original inventory to better manage the business.

Hold and Sold Feature for Reptile Listing


You now have the Global Profile setting option.

As a breeder you can set your preference to deliver the reptile locally or globally that helps your customers before they connect with you. The app will automatically identify the country icon based on your address.

Set up delivery option for local, regional, or international

Search is more advanced, you can now search animals in Listing that you like anywhere in the world!


Unlock HerpVille Top Features

HerpVille subscription provides Advertisement free access to all the functionalities within the app and to its website.

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