New Release on Mar, 2022

Herpville is extremely excited and proud to release a rich community-based feature within the app.

Our goal is to add new features and functionalities in the current app based on the consistent feedback from reptile & amphibian enthusiasts, breeders, and the communities. At the same time, we consistently improve the security and remediate the vulnerability in the platform to protect your data and personal information. It is our #1 priority.

You will get maximum performance, efficiency, and security if you use this app in Android 10 or higher or iOS 11 or higher mobile devices.

Here are some of the exciting key features of this release:


Rich Social Media features!

Now you can build your own community within the Herpville app. You can create friend groups, chat with Herpville members and subscribers, expand your network across the globe, post and share your animal collections with your friends and friend groups. Build your internal Herpville community and discuss caring and other interesting topics within the app. Try it out for FREE and have fun!

Herp-comm dashboard Herpchat
New Features: Herp-comm Dashboard and Herp-chat


News, Video channels, podcasts all in one place!

Are you following the latest reptile news and blogs on various websites or reptile video channels and your favorite reptile gurus on social media? Are you interested in listening to amphibians on animal podcasts? Do you read reptile blogs? I am sure you spend a lot of time searching content on websites, magazines, and social media. Herpville understood your interests and news requirements and brought all the news, blogs, and videos about animals in one place. We have introduced:

HerpAlert – Top reptile and amphibian based news websites including a feed from USARK 

HerpTube – Stream from top video and news channels about reptiles and amphibians

HerpCast – Feed from various reptile podcast channels 

HerpBlog – Gather and publish the top blogs published by reptile and amphibian experts

All of this is legitimate information gathered from various news channels, websites, and social media that you can trust.

Herp-comm dashboard herp-tube
New Features: Herp-alert and Herp-tube

Alerts and Notifications

Are you checking your Herpville app too often? As a breeder do you constantly go through the app just to check if any of your customers sent you a message? As a reptile enthusiast will you find it easy to know when to feed and clean your animal next with a reminder setup? We know that you need notifications and alerts on your device for you to take actions promptly. As a part of this release, we introduced the app level notification and alerts that will give you the total counts of all due actions that you would like to see e.g. 5 messages in Herpville inbox plus 10 reminders to feed your two animals.

Your feedback will help us improve the Herpville App

While we are very thankful for getting the feedback which allows us to improve the product further and it gives us extreme motivation to move forward. So if you have any question or would like to provide any feedback, please contact us or leave a comment below.


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