The Key To Increasing The Value of Your Reptile

As reptile lovers and keepers, we all realize that your pet is priceless and money can’t measure it’s worth.

However, keeping accurate records handy will provide proof of the healthiness of your reptile and increase its value on the market. At the same time, you can build trustworthiness with other Herpville members who are looking for healthy reptiles. 

Now is the season (July and August) for hatching, and it’s an important time to keep the vitals of your reptiles up-to-date. The Herpville app provides this unique feature so you can save a reptile’s Hatching, Clutching, Locking, Pairing, Cleaning, Weighing, and Feeding information. 

You can simply take pictures of each activity and keep the last 50 records for each activity separated by date. The feed record sends you a reminder notification for the next feed time if you set the frequency of feeding in the app. You can build a year’s worth of historical records if you save these vital records once a week. 
Detailed instructions for record-keeping can be found on the How To page under the section ‘How To Add Activity Record For My Reptile’. Try it, share the record with other members, and see responses from other Herpville users. You never know if your reptile might be the ‘Top viewed’ reptile in the community!


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