Frequently Asked Questions

HerpVille is a platform for reptile and amphibian lovers, keepers and breeders to securely store and share their reptile information with other members. The platform consists of mobile app and website that allow users to register a reptile and publish the content to other users that they can see immediately. The app has rich functionalities to track, promote and organize the reptile information for managing the life cycle of a reptile. Users can connect to each other and inquire about a reptile using its in-built messaging (chat) in Alert tab.

HerpVille can be used by reptile and amphibian lovers, keepers and breeders. But anyone who wants to know and track a reptile or amphibian can be a user in HerpVille. In order to use the HerpVille Service, you must be over the age of 13 years. For those over 13 and under the age of 18, need a parent/legal guardian (over the age of 18) to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Herpville has been developed and released by ROK Technology LLC, a company based out of Columbus OH USA. The concept, design and content of Herpville have been registered under US Patent & Trade Office by ROK Technology LLC.

HerpVille is a self-service application. You can download the app called “HerpVille” (Developed by ROK Technology LLC) from Apple App Store Or Google Play. You can also access HerpVille functionalities using website. All the downloadable information is also available at

Users can use the Help button under Profile tab (both in App and website) to submit an inquiry for HerpVille Customer support. You can also submit a message in ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of this page. Usually, the support representative replies in a day or two with a resolution.

User’s personal data or reptile information including pictures is very securely stored in Cloud and not in user’s personal device (phone, mobile device or computer/ laptop). The application has capability to encrypt and transmit the data and stored in Amazon’s AWS server in Cloud. Users can’t see other user’s information unless a user publishes (or list) a reptile information in Listing.

The user’s personal information is very secure in the HerpVille application. All personal data collected or transmitted are encrypted and stored in the AWS cloud service. Please read HerpVille Personal Information Privacy Policy for more detail.

You can find the list of approved reptiles under ‘Scope and Applicability’ section or ‘Section: A’ section under Terms and Conditions link

User can reset the password using the login screen (first time user can see it when they launch the application Or user can logoff first which is available in Profile tab) by clicking ‘Forgot Password’ hyperlink. The system will send a 6-digit verification code, enter it in the login screen, along with New Password and re-enter the new password in the Confirmation field.

QR code is application generated machine-readable code that can be scanned using the camera of a phone/mobile device. When QR code is displayed in paper, computer screen or in phone screen, a phone’s camera can be pointed to the QR code, the reptile or user/breeder details can be displayed immediately. In HerpVille, a QR code is generated when reptile information is added or users setup the Profile with personal information first time.

Once the QR code of a reptile or a user is generated, it never gets changed, until the reptile record or user record is deleted from the HerpVille system. The QR code comes very handy when a Breeder prints QR code on paper and stick to the reptile box or cage. Other user can read the paper printed QR code using the camera and get all the details of the reptile.

The label printing completely removes the handwritten notes or sticky notes about a reptile. Users can use their cell phones or computers and print the label in a label printing printer. Once printed, they can stick the label to the reptile box/cage for reptile shows and fairs. Other users can easily point their phone camera to the printed QR code and get all the information on the reptile or info about the breeder. Large breeders can maintain their inventory in HerpVille, print and stick label to the cages.

No. You can’t print a label in regular printer or on a regular A4 size paper rather it can only be printed in a Label printing printer and label printing paper. Label printing printer can be found in any online or physical retail stores. User doesn’t have to do any formatting or resize of the label that they wanted to print. Also user can print from mobile device, desktop or phone as long as the printer is in the same Wifi network.

A HerpVille user can transfer a reptile details including QR code to other user after a reptile is physically transferred and/or purchased by other user. The benefit of transferring in HerpVille is, the recipient of the reptile doesn’t have to register the reptile again (avoid re-register) and generate a new QR code. Once transferred, all the historical information of the reptile can be saved under the new user rather they get lost if the transfer doesn’t occur. Transfer can be initiated by sending a message (Send Message under Listing reptile detail). Once recipient initiate a conversation, the Alert tab display the chats and shows the Transfer button at the bottom of the screen.

No. HerpVille doesn’t provide any payment portal (e.g. Paypal or Stripe etc.) or market place like function that allow user to sell or buy any reptile or amphibian.

The user can send a message using the Send Message section which is located under Listing tab and it can be located under reptile detail page. The message is stored under Alert tab (Outbox) of the recipient, from there the recipient can reply and communication/chat continues (exchange of messages or chats) from Alert tab itself.

Yes. The HerpVille website provides the message/chat feature. A user can initiate a chat under the Listing tab and can be located in the Send Message section under the reptile detail page. Once a message gets initiated, the message gets logged in the Alert tab for other recipient to view. The Alert service provides a chat/messaging service between two users and it’s categorized by a reptile against which a message was sent by the user.

A user with current subscription level can add unlimited reptiles in HerpVille. For each reptile that is registered, only three pictures can be added for a reptile. Also when user adds a reptile record for various activities, user is entitled to add additional picture for each activities. User can always replace a picture with a new picture from picture Gallery or by using camera.

No, QR code doesn’t get changed since it is generated when a new reptile is added in the system or a user creates a new profile for the first time. Even when a reptile is transferred physically from one user to another user, the system provides a feature to transfer the reptile QR code to the other user so that other user doesn’t have to create new reptile record or QR code.

HerpBot is a virtual assistant and guide for HerpVille users. It can assist Herpville users with many needs and answer their questions. It can guide or provide warnings to users when they knowingly or unknowingly make any mistake or violate certain policies defined in HerpVille’s ‘Terms of Use’. HerpBot empowered to remove or delete user content and if necessary block or terminate a user. HerpBot has deep knowledge about the HerpVille functionalities and can be helpful to assist users when necessary. It supports user on daily basis and available seven days a week and 24 hours a day.